Check Yourself Zine

KIC Document 0001-1

I made this zine as a way to let out some anger. I believe rage is some of the best inspiration, so I’ve taken advantage of a recent “conversation” that made me very angry. This encounter took place last Tuesday night at a party. After learning that I’m gay, this gem of a man (let’s call him Dick) apparently couldn’t believe his ears (or eyes). “YOU’RE GAY?” Dick proclaimed, “BUT YOU’RE SO HOT!” Dick went on to tell me that I probably just hadn’t had a good male lover yet and that he could “Make it rain.” I was, of course, more than a little appalled and angry but I stupidly tried to engage with him, tried to make his drunk ass understand just how fucked up his thinking was. My efforts were pretty pointless because of how intoxicated he was (and maybe how dense his head is?) and I ended up leaving with nothing resolved.

So this zine is very much a response to Dick and other Dicks (such as the Patriarchy we live in). I talk back to Dick directly, addressing him as “You.” This zine is an expression of my anger. It’s personal. Everyday I’m horrified by our racist, sexist society and this zine provided a wonderful opportunity to talk back to a few mainstream assumptions. It’s cynical and sassy and angry.


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