a look back with a new perspective

Link to video:  https://vimeo.com/65949082

Artist’s Statement:

The idea for my DIY came from an email I received from my dad a few weeks ago with the subject line “I can’t believe this was a year a half ago”. Attached in the email was a video I made for the Fall Sports Assembly (featured in my DIY) during my senior year of high school. My dad, who coached me in all sports until high school, loves to engage in the nostalgia of father-son moments. While I enjoyed watching the old highlights I had put together for the fall sports, I was very confounded by the video as a whole. As we discussed in class last week, after you have taken a gender and sexuality class it is difficult to look at anything you see in media the same. I found this idea especially true as I watched this particular video, which both underappreciated the accomplishment of women’s soccer and carried an extreme bias for men’s football. Inspired to share what my “gender studies goggles” had seen, I dug up a variety of old high school videos and critiqued them according to ideals discussed in class.

The purpose of this project is to share my initial reaction to watching these videos after taking the class, and bring to light the influence of mainstream media on a setting like high school. The topics of bromance, male gaze, and objectification are all examples of concepts that came to mind when I re-watched the old videos.

In the same way that the art of vidding “heals the wounds created by the displacement and fragmentation of women on television” (Coppa), the critique of my own media creations allows me to contribute to the disapproval of hegemonic masculinity in society.

The creation of DIY as a whole is important because it voices issues that are often overshadowed by mainstream media. DIY creations give a genuine interpretation of issues and are not influenced by things like consumerism or other pressures mainstream media faces. With social media—which can turn a homemade video into global phenomenon overnight—DIY creations are becoming more influential. Increasing popularity in DIY project creations, especially with students, is a huge step for the recognition of topics that often go unexpressed.


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