False Dichotomy for Women in the Media

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzscI2ZmBxA (I couldn’t get the video to upload)

In this class, the aspect that impacted me the most was interpreting music videos and vids. I think that music is so popular in today’s culture that it has become normalized. As a result, our generation tends to listen to it without thinking. We forget that these videos are sending a message to the audience, even though some are more significant than others.

Because of the effect that the vids had on me, I decided to choose my own vid. I have never done this before so the making of a vid was completely new to me and I sort of made the process up. The vid-making process was challenging and actually really frustrating, but in the end I was really proud of my work although it is a little rough around the edges. Not only do I appreciate the creativity of the vid-makers, but also the technology itself. I’m so thankful we do not have to use the complicated technology as we read about for class. I did this DIY by downloading a you-tube video maker, downloading clips and songs, and then using the technology to overlay and blend everything together.

My goal for this project was to exemplify the themes from the beginning of the year. Specifically, what we talked about with the Taylor Swift music videos. In her songs and videos, she portrays herself has a virginal, helpless, innocent girl that relies on a relationship with a man for happiness. However, she also portrays herself as ‘sexy’ in her new videos. I wanted to portray celebrities like Swift who encompass this dynamic of sweet and innocent, but also sexy or rebellious. We saw in class how many videos objectify women (like rap videos), but I wanted to point out how some women feel obligated to ‘do it all’. Celebrities in our culture (and women in general) feel the need to be virginal, but sexy, innocent yet powerful by the standards of today’s society.

Furthermore, I also added the idea that these female artists became famous when they were young and transformed from being sweet, young girls (Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel, Carrie Underwood on American Idol) to becoming more scandalous women.


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