The Gender Blender


“My Tender Gender All Mixed Up in a Blender” provides an intimate glimpse into a community of authors/artists who struggle with defining their gender/sexuality. I was particularly struck by the aesthetics of this zine’s cover – which in itself contains an intersection between masculine and feminine sentimentality. The combination of the bright pink blender and the playful, rhyming title is rather girlish (it reminded me of jump-rope/playground rhymes). However, this image is interrupted by a chunky, masculine font. I did a quick skim through the rest of the zine, and it includes a number of collaged poems, essays, photographs, and drawings. My favorite image is the final piece in zine titled “BoyGirlBoy.” The piece was created by cutting two black and white photographs (one of a man, one of a woman) into strips and then literally interweaving them. The result is an ambiguous and expressionless human being. Even though “My Tender Gender All Mixed Up in a Blender” does not speak to a specifically “girl zine” audience, it still attempts to “[map] out new terrain, challenging the terms of the conversation, using over-the-top language to counter staid, encrusted gender ideologies” (Piepmeier).



One thought on “The Gender Blender

  1. First of all, that picture is really cool.

    Perhaps I am reading too much into this idea, but from my limited experience with zine culture, the zine audience (or at least the demographic those zines represent) seems to be predominantly white. I see this phenomenon in both the zine you chose and the one I read. I find this observation particularly interesting because zines seem to focus on less-mainstream cultures (they are, indeed, by definition not of the main stream) and yet still do not appear to address racial minorities. Although perhaps I am mistaken.

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