The Downside of Watermelon and The Many Upsides of Feminism

Scroll down from the article and you can download the zine. This is the main page and has several sections, articles, additional zines, and a white allies section.

This is the zine

“Colita de Rana: Love, Identity, Panochas, and Watermelon: and other things that make me uncomfortable as a black person”

This amazing zine focuses on the experiences and political goals of Black Feminists. The themes in the zine are very pertinent to this class, as they focus on major issues in feminism. Particularly, experiences with the female body, the social struggles that come with identifying as a women, as well as self-education tips about having a healthy body image and respecting sexual boundaries. I really love this zine, because it uses the Black body as a site of power and resistance, both to oppose patriarchy and to inspire bonds between women to create a supportive community and to foster self-love. The political project of this zine is to be anti-racist and embrace both straight and queer communities through both calling out problematic acts and drawing attention to the fact that, most times in society, the default is white and straight. The zine deals with this tension by claiming identities that are not white or straight in several instances. For example, there is a heterosexual privilege checklist with a list of questions playing on inquiries queer folks are asked all the time. (Do your family and friends know?) The zine also focuses on sexual violence and gives a list of statements that actually mean no (Let’s go to sleep), highlighting the ways date rape can occur, and spotlighting the importance of consent. This zine is a proper mix of Clitosaurus Rex dinosaurs, empowering images of women, doodles and politics.


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