“Queers in Space”


Searching through the gallery of The Queer Zine Archive Project, I was drawn towards a zine called “Queers in Space”. At first I thought the zine might be a queer science fiction narrative or queer astronauts, but the short project’s theme was actually quite simpler and in fact more interesting. ‘Space’ was not outer space, but everyday space that humans live in whether that’s somebody’s home, school or grocery store. The full title “Queers in Space: Taking Over A Town Near You” starts to set the activist mood of the comic.


Intended to “inform and provoke,” “Queers in Space” aims to provide and educate people about queer theory so that the reader can then practice queer theory (or praxis as the zine calls it) in their own ‘spaces’. In only a few short pages, this zine familiarizes the reader with simple, but effective definitions of queer, gender, yet at the same time cautions readers to not “let words limit you, let them empower you”. Sadly the archive does not specify the author or the location of publication, the zine was created in 2001, but seems to have no other issues. Perhaps being too forceful for 2001 many of the messages call for active resistant, “vocalize your dissent” or “never be complicit”. Yet overall I think the zine is quite power and displays a powerful message or recognition of being aware of how you effect space. Not just your own personal space, but what you do and act around other people can make a significant impact. As Piepmeier notes, zine creators “were denied access to the standard mechanisms for publication, because what they had to say didn’t fit the dominant scripts,” Queers in Space looks like another example of an attempt to express a minority view.


“Queers in Space”: http://www.qzap.org/v5/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=1887&g2_GALLERYSID=8c49f7cf4792b28f015a94b0888f5b8a


One thought on ““Queers in Space”

  1. I really liked your analysis and discussion of space. I find that the concept of space and influencing others, especially in terms of queerness, is something that many people are still grappling with in our society. Thus, this zine does a good job of stating the obvious definitions and then building on those ideas. The final image you posted struck me the post and really sent the message home of how each individual has the opportunity to positively or negatively impact those around you.

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