POC Zine Project

So I’m kind of cheating and posting a website that highlights a number of zines rather then just one particular zine… BUT I think its a really cool project that is doing something super important!

The POC Zine Project states on their website “Our mission is to make all zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share. We are an experiment in activism and community through materiality.” (POC Zine Project)  As an organization, they seek to highlight and share the zines of people of color by highlighting specific zines on their website. Further, they recently started a tour which brings these zines to exhibits in cities around the country.

As stated by Bitch author Devyn Manibo, “Folks of color doing important, critically engaged, and beautiful things often get overlooked or underappreciated, and we’re left with a room full of white people selling zines about their cats.” Thus, the POC project highlights a group of artists and authors whose work might otherwise get overlooked. The importance of this project speaks to the greater need for intersectionality within feminism and other broader social justice and civil rights movements. Zines are a powerful way for ordinary people to spread their message but its important that their our outlets for work from those who don’t fit within the dominant voice.

Here is the link: http://poczineproject.tumblr.com/


One thought on “POC Zine Project

  1. This is great. As with most things, (hello white supremacy), white zines are often the one’s most accessible and widely publicized. Voices continue to be marginalized even in sub-altern communities. This website provides a much needed space to celebrate and share otherwise overlooked art.

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