OTM- is the cat’s meow


The Zine that I chose Is called OTM Zine: (Off the Map). 

Why I chose it/ why it’s awesome: To be honest, I had never heard of a zine before the Piepmeier article and even as I was reading it, I was still confused. And then all of the sudden it occured to me that the name ‘Zine’ was just cut off of MagaZINE. With that in mind, I looked up travel zine and found a pretty awesome one based in Toronto, called OTM. It’s essentially a zine that focuses on the endeavors, adventures, and interests of local Toronto artists. Each issues focuses on selected illustrations, photos, fashion pictures, and interviews that are entertaining and funny. I get the feeling from reading through even just one of the issues, that any of the artists profiled could have their work one day go big. The zine is a perfect online platform for emerging Canadian artists, and although I am not Canadian, if I were, I would very much appreciate a sight like this to show my work and hopefully expand from there. One of OTM’s taglines “we celebrate the individual on our own terms” especially speaks to me because it focuses its attention on individuals in a supportive and engaging way. 



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