“What is a moonifestation? It is a poem, song, chant, prayer, affirmation, incantation. Moonifestations are created with magical intention of creating my self and life that fulfills my highest dreams. What we speak, we are. Sound transforms reality. To me, magic is a daily ritual. Creating affirmations and prayers in one way of constantly living in sacredness. I have found that it is a reminder of awareness. It is a trick of trasformation. Part of the purpose of their creations is to share with others, not just for my own daily practice. Spoken out loud they contain the power of the creative will. This zine is also passionately infused with themes of our growing pains, our collective despair and bliss, discovering our sexuality, and embracing our divinity. Ritual (and life) is most empowering when we have designed it ourselves, out of our collective spirit. I don’t own my words. And thus, I offer them to you; take them and absorb them in any way that feeds your heart. May it nourish all that surrounds you” – Divya Za, creator of Moonifestations

I have never explored zines before and to be honest, I approached this exploration with some judgments and pre-conceived notions that I would just not be interested, just like I have never been interested in comics.

The title “Moonifestations” drew me in especially with the decorative cover and creative scanning of letters. I found the spiritual nature of this zine to be very interesting with its use of phrases such as “I am the tree of life” and “my body is sacred”. This whole zine focused on self-exploration, empowerment, a self-awareness that could be described as “zen”. There was a certain yogi, crunchy-granola aspect to this, plus an affinity for astrology and earth spirits. I liked the fact that this zine is directed at women who may need healing in some way, and the author hopes that her creation will help.


One thought on “Moonafestations

  1. I totally agree with you in your “pre-conceived” judgment of zines. I really had no idea what they would be like, yet I judged them anyways. I have never been a fan of comics either. But I thought that zines were so interesting because of the sheer variety. People could totally find a zine that they could be really interested. I really enjoyed your quote. Everyone could use a little zen in their life even if it might be a little “crunchy-granola.”

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