Minnesota School Zines

So I chose “Free Association,” which is a zine started in a Minnesota high school in the early 90s. The only reason I know about it is because of my brother. When he was in high school in MN (in the late 90s early 00s) he started a rouge zine called “The Standard.” “Free Association” was a zine widely distributed in Minneapolis high schools that attempted to replace typical high school news dribble. The messages were political and extended to the real world, hoping to show that students were not simply trapped in their own little world, no matter what their parents said. I think it is really important because it gave students an opportunity to participate in societal issues, even when they were officially restricted from them. My brother started “The Standard” in response to 9/11, and my high schools lack of student response. “Free Association” laid the framework for many other MN student zines, and that is pretty sweet. 

ImageThis is it’s seventh edition.


One thought on “Minnesota School Zines

  1. Cool that you have a real connection to this. I see that a common trend in a lot of these zines is self-expression and I had no idea it was such a huge culture. I agree that it is really important for young (and old) people to have a positive way to express themselves creatively and speak out on certain issues. It almost seems like a “safe” rebellion.

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