Masculinities/Femininities zine is exactly what it sounds like- a “zine about gender identities and gender variance,” and is made up of entries from and about “people of colour, trans femme boys, faggy butches, masculine females, feminine males, trans male drag queens, masculines off centre, bois, gender variants, andogynes, masculine and femminine people of all genders.” It is comprised of stories, drawings, and other pieces of art that address the issues of gender identity in society today. Made by “Misster Raju Rage/Lola Love, formally Misster Scratch, a trans feminist undefined person of colour,” this zine delves deep into the idea of what it means to belong to a certain gender. The zine brings up issues of categorization, and whether people can be reduced to a single pronoun. The main creator, who is a “masculine Trans person”, likes to be recognized as masculine and feminine at the same time, and does not believe that a simple pronoun can be definitive of a person. However, the idea that it this can be confusing to some is also addressed, making this zine very accessible to most people, and also a source to increase one’s understanding. I was drawn to this zine because I feel like this is an extremely prevalent issue today, and if more time was taken to understand and familiarize oneself with these differences and issues of gender identity, they may no longer be “issues.”



One thought on “Masculinities/Femininities

  1. I almost chose this zine to focus on as well! I found it interesting because, as you mentioned, it discussed what it means to be a female and what it means to be a male.I liked how you discussed issues of gender in terms of categorization, as I think that definitions of masculinity and femininity are so clearly defined in today’s society. It raises awareness for the need to breakdown these socially constructed, clear cut gender categories and definitions of what males look like and what females look like, to be more accepting of all individuals.

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