Masculine Femininities

This zine explores the ambiguities of gender and gender identity.  Trans* identities rarely get a voice in our society, and when they do, it is generally the voice of people who follow the gender binary, even if they have crossed it.  This zine is largely written by people who don’t fit into that gender binary, and it explores their relationship with their bodies and the world in general, as well as the multitudes of their identites.  It has a lot of images, poetry, and interviews, written by people who don’t view gender as static or as something able to be defined by a single word.

I found this image especially interesting because it explores how gender is performative, and how for many of the people in this zine, it may not be constant or wholly male or female.

This zine also has a lot of Indian voices.  It explores the voices of people of color, as well as Indian culture, which has a long tradition of the existence of a third gender fits outside of the male-female binary.  This exploration also acknowledges the harm that European colonialism has done to this tradition.  Indian mythology contains many stories of ambiguous or dual gender, but European colonialization robbed them of that.

The gender binary is so deeply ingrained in our society, that it is extremely important to give voice to people who don’t fit into it, and I think this zine does that in an interesting way.





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