Body Image

This zine is from Grassroots Feminism. I chose to focus on the two images titled “Stop Commenting on my Body!!!” and “Medusa im wunderland,” which are from a German organization titled Projekt L. I found these  interesting because of our focus throughout this course on the ways in which women are portrayed in the media and how the ideal, desired woman is represented and showcased throughout various media texts. These two zines are particularly interesting because they deal with issues of body image, and norms that are ingrained in society regarding the ideal beauty. These zines are attempting to make known the problematic ways in which the media constantly picks apart the female body and how women should refrain from conforming to society’s standards of what the ideal body is. It also suggests that the media should stop scrutinizing the female body. In the zine “Stop Commenting on my Body,” all of the various quote bubbles are in German except two phrases, one of which says “Fuck Every Norm”  suggests that women should conform to the unattainable expectations of women, rather they should embrace various aspects of feminism and oppose them, perhaps take action by refraining from conforming to the constructed norms of body image as discussed in “Making Media: Doing Feminism.” The second zine, “medusa im wunderland” has an image of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and has images of various bottles with words such as “tall,” “Yeah Fat,” and “black/white” on it. In this zine, it suggests that women should reject the norms that are outlined in terms of beauty by showing Alice picking up the “Yeah Fat” bottle.



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