AnyBody can do it!

Although this may be one of the more straightforward female empowerment zines, I was really inspired by this zine AnyBody, a British non-profit company of women and men in positions ranging from psychotherapy to law to media to fashion. The group is committed to giving women a voice to challenge physical representations of females in society, providing a creative blog format to gather different opinions, ideas, and creations that focus around a similar goal. Not only does the zine facilitate discussion, Anybody organizes initiatives and organizations like parliamentary committees, forums and public conferences to introduce new research and advertising. The fact that this zine is created by a company taking direct action to change the stringent body standards women constantly struggle with, takes the zine purpose a step further in my eyes. The blog features global perspectives, allowing for dialogue and information to be exchanged across different cultures, expanding the scope of body issues beyond those we are familiar with. A “Body Activism!” section encourages viewers to organize action for or against organizations and voice concerns. My favorite part is the “Cyber-Psychologist” a part of the site dedicated to exercises and forums that directly address women’s insecurities and give women ways to combat and explore those insecurities.  The main “Anybody’s Vent” page features various topics, images, and art that explore issues of violence, size, confidence, and cultural expectations. This zine gives a fantastic spectrum of opinions, research, and opportunities for women and men of any shape or size to participate in one of the most repressive female standards in our country today. 



One thought on “AnyBody can do it!

  1. I really like the “global perspective” aspect of this zine. Its good to know that feminism is not only saved for certain groups and thus relegated to societal margins. I like your description of how the zine’s global view is “allowing for dialogue and information to be exchanged across different cultures”.

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