Influentza is a zine that covers a broad scale of material with the focus of gathering “influences” that hope to affect its readers perspectives on the world. In its mission statement, the Influentza founders assert, “you are defined as a person by the influences you allow, as well as reject into your life”. Anything from life perspective editorials and dating advice to an article on a new band, Influentza provides a variety of things that are intended to enlighten the reader and give them positive “influences”. One particular article I found particularly awesome on their blog was titled “Enjoy Your Own Company”. The author, Johnathan Rosales, claims that people associate loneliness with sadness and depression, when really it is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Being at peace and learning to love yourself with the time you are given to be by yourself, Rosales says, is where you really begin to love life. The caption on the title of the zine is “Influentza: Cuz We’re Sick”. The play on words “Influentza” makes this zine even more awesome because it treats its articles as diseases that the reader should catch. At the end of the mission statement, the founders urge the reader to “spread the disease”. This metaphor is a powerfully ironic way of looking at perspectives and influences we encounter in life that we must pass on to others. Overall, Influentza is an awesome disease to catch and it has made itself into a very popular zine.






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