Bloody Mary



I had a hard time “googling” zines and didn’t find anything that seemed very organized so I decided to research zines off of the Transnational Zines from Grassroot Feminism. I came across this Zine called “Bloody Mary” (BM). One think that I think is cool about it is the fact that it is in Czech Republic and just through it would be fascinating to look at something that isn’t confined to America!

The one thing that really struck me was how it was published in the first place. Essentially, one girl was being sexually harassed at a concert and two girls came up and saved her. They became friends and decided to publish this Zine! This is different from a lot of the Zines who seemed like they were published by women who had issues in other careers/parts of life and wanted to get noticed as we read for class – So I just thought this was a unique way for these women to come together! This theme goes along with the purpose of the zine, women coming together to create a better life for women and a safe place to connect! This zine is also unique because each ENTIRE issue is dedicated to a specific topic. Some examples are pregnancy, female warriors, trafficking, sexuality etc. These are really great because they also encompass some really serious issues and provide a space for women to submit poems/thoughts/columns and to read other information or posts from other women.

Lastly, the description of this zine noticed that issues have begun to spread further and further apart. Sometimes it is even a year in between issues. I noticed this with a couple of other zines as well. What is the reason for this? I can’t quite figure out why this seems to be a recurring thing… It seems sort of discouraging to me actually. It is important to see how some zines are more successful or prominent than others and what they do differently to stay well-known and continued to be published! 


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