Two Big-Breasted Men

The relationship between Mac and Dennis is a prime example of the exclusion of gay men among this “heterosexual bromance” that Becker explores in Becoming Bromosexual. The two men spend every moment together, and they are thrown awry when Dee proclaims, “two thirty year old men who spend ever waking moment together is a little bit pathetic”. This is the first indirect, or maybe very direct, insult towards homosexual men, seeing as most of them would want to spend all of their time with another man. This situation could fit perfectly into the list that Becker gives us of male T.V pairs that have been “threatened” with the fact that others view them as something more than best friends. This threat of homosexuality causes Mac and Dennis to start fighting and essentially, “break up”. Dennis, who is possibly the more passive of the two, asserts his heterosexuality by exclaiming that he no longer wants to talk about “dudes’ physique” with Mac, because clearly that is only something that two gay men, or straight women would do. Of course, this “break up” scene does not completely reinforce heterosexuality. Becker’s idea that homosexuality is becoming more normal and is fueling this idea of the bromance also means that these bromances on T.V. may insert stereotypically homosexual ideas to ensure that “Hey! We accept homosexuality!”. This is apparent when Dennis refers to himself as a “flower” that is unable to flourish around Mac. The scene where Dennis and Mac “get back together” uses a lot of homosexual nuances, but again is justified by the fact that they only showed up because they thought they were going to meet a big-breasted woman.
Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 5.23.52 PM
Charlie and Frank present another example of this “bromance”, but it is different than Mac and Dennis in that it is less emotional and more physical in that they sleep together, and talk about vulgar, gross, and “gruesome” things. Again, Mac finds it very strange that the two men sleep together, but the prime way they assert their heterosexuality is through their signature move of thrusting their hips, as if having sex with a woman. Perhaps Dee’s description of the men as “big-breasted women” is another jab at their masculinity and they are being compared to a woman. Dee is suggesting that their emotional rollercoaster while they were apart was that of a woman, or gay man.


3 thoughts on “Two Big-Breasted Men

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize how she essentially aligned both of them with sex objects — wish fulfillment. And, most crucially, neither one is all that disappointed when the “big breasted woman” doesn’t show up; in fact, they both admit their intense anxiety over the prospect of such a woman.

  2. I didn’t realize the similarities and differences between Frank and Charlie’s relationship compared to Mac and Dennis. Other than physicality and emotion, does age play any influence on image of the two men’s relationship? Frank is obviously older than Charlie, so does their “bromance” seem more fatherly compared to Mac and Dennis who seem to be around the same age.

  3. I think Brian is right that age plays an important role in the difference between Frank and Charlie and Mac and Dennis’s friendships. I don’t think it necessarily has to do with a fatherly relationship but rather that the basis of Frank and Charlie’s relationship is in the ridiculous and humorous nature of the two friends. Therefore the fact that they sleep in the same bed makes sense in context of their ridiculous relationship and they don’t have to reassert their masculinity in the same way that Mac and Dennis do.

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