Tosh.O’s bromance with the viewer

For this blog post, I chose to focus on Tosh.O’s “Season 2 Gay Moments Montage.”  Daniel Tosh starts off in a robe, sitting on a chair with a dog on his lap and says that his show is known for being known as the “gayest show in television.” During the clip, he says “I am straight, I can’t emphasize this enough” then winks into the camera. The fact that Daniel Tosh felt that a gay moments montage needed to be produced is quite interesting because it calls attention to itself. The show can laugh at itself for its gay undertones and there is something very powerful and assertive in the way that the show can separate itself from the “gay” aspects. The admitting of the gayness on the show diminishes the credibility of those critics that deem the show “gay, 

In the clips, Tosh.O does not have a bromance with a “sidekick” or best friend like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” or “Workaholics.” But he does have a relationship of sorts with his viewers, which are mostly male. He even makes a joke in the “In her Skin- Uncensored” that 43% of his viewers are women, not feminist viewers. This relationship that Daniel Tosh has with his male viewers is unique. Daniel Tosh’s image and the way he carries himself attracts a certain type of male audience that finds his “bro humor” funny. The “Season 2 Gay Moments Montage” clip is crucial in maintaining this relationship. This relationship reinforces the bromance which “relies on a relatively positive view of gay love. The discourse‘s structuring logic often works to exclude gay men from the privileges of hegemonic masculinity by reinscribing certain rigid gender norms.” In the clip, Daniel Tosh is not saying anything bad about gay love or gay people, in actuality it is a pretty positive clip. At one point he even wears a shirt that says “NO H8” which supports gay rights. But by making a “gay moments montage” that are not real gay moments (because he makes it clear, while sometimes ambiguously, that he is straight), Daniel Tosh is excluding “gay men from the privileges of hegemonic masculinity.” The straight male viewers will continue to watch Tosh.O and continue the bromance between viewer and Daniel Tosh. Image


3 thoughts on “Tosh.O’s bromance with the viewer

  1. RIGHT. And crucially, Tosh’s show is such a weird intersection of “fiction” and reality — he can “act gay” in skits but can then affirm his heterosexuality (almost exclusively through words, never actions), thus neutralizing anxiety and reassuring heterosexuality viewership. But does his simple attestment that he’s straight actually work?

  2. After watching a few more clips, I was so confused about Tosh’s sexuality that I actually looked on Google to see if there was information. There were a lot of conversations, blog posts, and surveys trying to figure out if Tosh is gay or straight. I think you are right that Tosh can “act gay” but also weirdly expresses his heterosexuality and this makes it hard to figure out what is actually going on. I think that clip where he admits he’s straight then winks at the camera is so interesting. He could be winking at so many different people. He could be making fun of the fact that he feels he has to “confirm” his sexuality.

  3. After reading your post and the comment I thought about the part in the Becker article that stated that with being gay becoming more socially acceptable that unless some one is out we assume that they are straight. Tosh seems to contradict this though by sending many mixed signals to the viewer. He’s not out, but at the same time we can’t seem to commit to saying that he is straight. In a way this highlights how delicate the creation of the bromance and how fine the line is in the way we percieve male sexuality vs. male friendships.

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