Sidekicks and Bromances

In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the reaction that Dennis and Mac have towards Dee’s description of their bromance is very similar to that seen on other television shows. The bromantic-duo breaks up because Dee calls attention to their “pathetic” codependent relationship. As the episode furthers, they become increasingly uncomfortable with being “two thirty year old men who spend ever waking moment together,” so they attempt to lead separate lives.  The men start to fight and Mac overtly tries to prove his masculinity, as his bromance is called upon he is “forced [as a] straight [man] to prove his heterosexuality” (Becker, 8). The scene where Dennis brings home a video really captures the new relationship that has been created with the realization of what their relationship is. Mac feels insecure about Dennis always talking about the “Video Clerk Guy, ” and as Dennis is slowly moving away, Mac inches closer. This scene can be closely compared to the Friends episode (“The One with the Baby on the Bus”) where Joey and Chandler are mistaken for being a gay couple, Joey takes this news badly and “after Joey’s excessive pre-emptive coming-out-straight speech, Chandler looked at him and asked in exasperation, “Are you done?” (Becker, 7).” Joey takes the news of the mistaken sexuality poorly, just like Dennis, as Chandler does not and is more fazed by Joey’s reaction, like Mac.


While not the characters reaction to their bromance on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is outwardly the same as the iconic, “We’re not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that” line of Seinfeld, there are similarities. As soon as the unusual amount of time that Mac and Dennis share with each other, they attempt to change their lives. However, Charlie and Frank make the statement multiple times that people have to have a “sidekick.” So you can have a sidekick of the same sex but it as soon as it reaches the extreme level of Mac and Dennis’ bromance then it turns into something “pathetic.” Their reaction to their severe bromance is almost if they are creating a new Seinfeld-esque saying: “We don’t want to have a bromance, but a sidekick is completely okay.”


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