Homoeroticism in Workaholics

One example that fits Becker’s claim is the scene in workaholics when the two guys are at the pool and keep getting boners over each other. They even make a few comments about each other’s physique that would be considered homosexual. Altogether, this scene is implying that they have an attraction for each other. This is really interesting because this scene is making homoeroticism acceptable, and humorous, but at the same time enhances their masculinity which is very contradicting according to heteronormative ideals. I think the only reason that this scene is socially acceptable is because for one, they are fighting over a female. The fact that they are getting boners over each other is not taken serious because the viewers know that they are actually fighting over a woman which makes them heterosexual and they are just joking around. The homosexual undertones probably aren’t even really analyzed by most people because the scene is so unrealistic and is meant to be funny. As in Becker’s article, he explains that the show Bromance is party acceptable because Jenner is looking for a friend – BUT one of the activities is merely finding women and that is an activity that two male friends bond over. Similarly with the gay man on the show, it is acceptable to Jenner because he would be helpful in finding women since women like to be friends with gay men according to him. This situation in the article and in workaholics both, in a way, present gay love as acceptable, but only under certain circumstances. If the two men on workaholics were acting that way when no females were involved, it wouldn’t be as funny or acceptable within gender norms. Also, humor is a big factor in the workaholics scene. Overall I think, which was part of Becker’s point, that scenes/shows like this are taking a step towards making homoeroticism/homosexuality more apparent in the media, but making a joke of it slows the progress of actually making it acceptable. Also, by only showing it under certain circumstances that enforce masculinity (like fighting over a female, etc.) also take away from this progress. 


2 thoughts on “Homoeroticism in Workaholics

  1. I think that you make some interesting points–especially with your focus on what (or who) they are fighting over. One thing that your post got me thinking about is the effect of Adam’s obsession with working out and how that proves his masculinity–thus making the bromance acceptable. I haven’t watched other episodes of the show, but it seemed like his obsession with body building was a way to compensate for the queerness of his interactions with his friends. It’s also not just that he’s working out–but he’s lifting (in theory) large weights rather than doing zumba or yoga or other forms of exercise that are stereotypically female. Additionally, Adam’s manliness is asserted when he is lifting weights on the rooftop which is all that’s necessary to land him the attractive woman which reminds the audience that he is straight and makes the bromance “acceptable.” Finally, your comment about humor is also really interesting. There’s this idea that when you laugh, it’s because you’re uncomfortable and I think that this episode of Workaholics really plays on that. There is humor in the show; but, it’s hard for me to determine if it’s funny or if I’m just uncomfortable so it’s funny. I’m still not sure what the purpose of the bromance is–if it’s to show that homosexuality is okay or something else that might not be so progressive.

  2. I really liked your post, Taylor. I would definitely agree with the comment made earlier about Adam’s obsession with body building and his desire to disassociate with anything that has to do with people who wear wizard costumes for the purpose of proving his masculinity. He tries to live up to the accepted and traditional male in society by attempting to embody the typical masculine ideals and desires and prove his heterosexuality by focusing on muscles, (older) women and wealth until he realizes otherwise and leaves his girlfriend and goes back to where he feels most comfortable and happy— in a bromance.

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