Vampira, A Campy Creation of Horror 1954

In 1954 a Los Angeles ABC affiliate TV station began broadcasting “The Vampira Show” a program that would introduce different horror films to be aired every week. The host of the program: Vampira, played by Maila Nurmi represented a hyper-sexualized and freakish character. While trying to think of examples of camp style or characters I started doing some outside research and then all of sudden realized I had discovered a person who could be described as displaying camp qualities. Vampira became the research topic I did in my US History class on Freaks and Geeks in my New Zealand study abroad program. Although my paper focused more on Vampira as a “freak” character and the features of Vampira correlating to American culture, I realized that her style, her presence and introduction to the American public was all about look, an important aspect of camp.


Here’s the opening to the show…



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