Two-Spirit Camp

So for this assignment, I thought I’d try to add to the dynamic of camp. Last semester I took a queer religiosities class and we learned about Native American people who are called two-spirits. You can think of it as sort of LGBT Native Americans who also want to uphold their heritage. The particular book that we read about this culture actually had an entire chapter about how these people practice camp. The men, who dress very decoratively and elaborately, are considered extremely important people in this culture. Not only do they obtain leadership positions in their tribes and lead rituals (especially dancing), but they essentially carry out every position that is needed by their tribe. They are the best weavers and cooks in their tribe, are counselors, and provide help for teenagers who may be LGBTQ. They play every role for men and women! I just thought this might give people another perspective on camp and is really interesting!


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