Just a sweet transvestite- the campiness of Rocky Horror

When I read  the articles concerning camp, I immediately began to think of all of the things I knew of that had displayed some of the qualities really stressed in both of the articles. One that kept popping into my head was this: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not only does it play on the idea of homosexuality, but it is the epitome of a movie that does not take itself too seriously- it is meant to be a parody of itself in a way, and thrives in the “spirit of extravagance” (7). This is the reason I included this particular video. The outfits of all of the characters, in particular Dr. Frank-N-Furter are EXTREMELY extravagant. This ties into the playful nature of Rocky Horror and of camp in general, since the point of camp is to “dethrone the serious. Camp is playful, anti-serious” (10). This movie is entirely ridiculous and jovial, while it also “corrupts” the innocent (6). It literally consists of corrupting the seemingly innocent characters by embracing certain aspects of vulgarity. Finally, it incorporates the idea of character in camp, where “character is understood as a state of continual incandescence- a person being one, very intense thing” (9). Each character is just very intense in their one area (perhaps with the exception of Janet, who goes through a bit of a change).

Overall, in the words of Sontag’s article, this movie is just “too fantastic” (7).


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