CAMP GAGA: Fashion and Exaggeration



Gaga’s style is very campy, in my opinion. She is known for her outrageous style and her love of things that are off, extreme, and exaggerated to the maximum. I have posted two images (One of the famous diet coke curlers, and one of the “Kermit dress”). The Kermit dress is certainly disjointed and somewhat disturbing at which to look, which encapsulates Sontag’s characterization of camp as being “exaggerated” and “unnatural.” The way that we talk about her fashion is also emblematic of camp, because we often use quotations to discuss her “meat dress” or her “Kermit dress.” It is clear that she is performing when she wears what she does because it is so out of the ordinary. In my opinion, it seems that Gaga’s style plays at camp because she intentionally chooses clothing that will garner attention and spark controversy (anyone recall the Whitman “meat dress” replica fights last year?)  which exemplifies the elements of camp that require that it be “completely naive or wholly conscious” (Sontag, 6), Gaga being the latter. 



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