Camp Celebs

I picked Ryan Gosling and Katy Perry as two examples of people who express themselves in campy ways. Although Gosling is a beautiful man, heartthrob of Americans, and has an incredible toned body, he does not embody the stereotypical ultra masculine male. He has “feminine” qualities about him, through the characters he plays, the clothes he wears, and his own graceful and charming mannerisms. Sontag says, “What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine.” Likewise, he continues to say “and what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine”. I picked Katy Perry because although a lot of her movies are overly exaggerated with female stereotypes (for example look at her “California Girls” music video that portrays women as pieces of candy, and then there’s Snoop Dog surrounded by all the “delicious” girls. Further, Katy Perry’s boobs that spray white stuff is hyper sexual) she also explores sexual fantasies with the same sex (“I Kissed A Girl”) and takes typical masculine positions and puts females in them. (“Part of Me” music video, she goes off to boot camp to fight in the Marines). I’m not saying that women do not go into the marines because they’re women, but I won’t deny that there’s still a lot of people who believe that women should not be at war because “it’s a man’s place”. She performs hyperfeminine, but also explores the hyper masculine, and meshes those two styles together and creates her own. I don’t think Gosling exaggerates anything, but I think he is comfortable with performing feminine as well as performing masculine.




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