All in the name of Camp


I think this sculpture speaks for itself as pure camp. The sculpture encompasses the “spirit of extravagance” that Sontag describes as the hallmark of camp. It embodies Sontag’s idea that “Camp is art that proposes itself seriously, but cannot be taken altogether seriously because it is “too much”” (7). Clearly this is an extraordinary piece of art, but the enormity of the statue and the fact that it is a man’s flaccid penis is WAY “too much””. The statue’s size glorifies the penis, the size shows an exaggeration, and an appreciation “of-things-being-what-they-are-not” (3). Additionally, the fact that this is a sculpture of a man’s genitals ties this example of camp back to Dyer’s article which points out gay men are the primary demographic associated with camp.


One thought on “All in the name of Camp

  1. This is an interesting example of camp- while it doesn’t have that specific style of glamor that Sontag describes, the comedy and absurdity of the sculpture are definitely campy, as is the shocking combination of art and vulgarity. Your example reminds me of one I found…..but wasn’t quite brave enough to post- a man who paints with his penis!

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