The Glee Girl Next Door

*Santana and Brittany live next door to one another and have never met, until Brittany hear’s these lyrics coming from the house next door…

Now gypsy lady lost her soul

And she’s so scared of growing old...’

Wait a minute? Brittany jolts up from the familiar lyric. A voice that was different from the male vocalist she was used to was singing her favourite song. It was a girls voice which was warm like whiskey and sharp like shells. The style of the melody creeps up on Brittany, leaving a trail of hair standing at attention on her arms. She whips her head around, trying to find the unfamiliar voice of the soulful singer.

But words don’t age for me to turn to gold.

There it was again and this time Brittany dashes to her window. In her peripheral vision she finds the girl to the voice. It was Santana, the girl next door. She sits on her window ledge in the same way Brittany had been positioned at her window earlier that day and rubs lotion into her tan legs as her damp hair cascades down her naked back. Even though there was only a towel wrapped over her front and bottom, the Latina girl wasn’t fazed about it at all as if it was a normal routine for her to sit at her window half naked. Brittany can’t believe it as she watches with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. Someone else knew her song. She moves closer to listen to Santana more clearly and props her elbows on the open window-sill with her head resting on her hands.

Santana was surprised that she was even singing out loud. It started in the shower and kept going all the way back into her bedroom. That same old song she used to love so much and still loved but inexcusably forgot about was all she could think of. Sitting in the spot, she lets the air brush past as it dries her skin while she sings carelessly and it makes her feel at peace again. She’s embraces the moment so much that other people begin to sing with her; a fragile, angelic voice accompanies the harmony as they both sing out:

‘Gypsy girl with raven hair…’

Santana abruptly stops but the other voice continues to sing out the melody.

Holds my hope into the air.

She’s the one that never seemed to care.’

There’s a silence afterward as, one voice waits for the other. Brittany opens her eyes, wondering why her singing partner has stopped but is greeted with a mystified glare from Santana instead as she holds her mouth aghast. This unbalances Brittany as her elbows start to wobble while her cheeks burn up in a heated flush. The look wasn’t disdainful, just full of puzzlement.

Santana jumps mere seconds later from the ledge, shielding herself with the curtain and Brittany mirrors her.

“What… What the hell are you doing?” Santana yelps out. Brittany clenches onto the thin fabric of her own curtain as she hides behind it, revealing only the top of her head to see.

“Singing,” She replies innocently and Santana frowns in confusion.

“Well… I can see that!” Her tone is accusing but Brittany doesn’t catch on to what she has done wrong.

“I… I just wanted to sing along with you, that’s all” Brittany ducks her head uncomfortably, setting her gaze on a hair scrunchie on the floor.

This girl was like nothing at all like what Santana had imagined her to be. From her mother’s description, she expected Brittany to be the ugliest, greasiest and most bitter keyboard gangster that ever trolled the internet. So she was surprised to see Brittany being the complete opposite; her hair gleamed blonde under the sunset, she had an acute bone structure with striking features with exotic looking eyes and basically looked like a damn supermodel.

Santana holds her towel protectively and juggles the options of what to say or do but can’t help the sinking feeling of envy towards this girl. She was so, so pretty. So Santana does what she does best; she makes sure that she was the superior of all superiors and locking her chocolate brown eyes back on the blonde, she waits for her to make contact then dips her head when Brittany looks back and smirks before glancing through her thick lashes.

“Where you looking at me… Like that?” Santana breathes an octave lower than normal, enjoying the flustered look on Brittany’s face. Her cheeks become more pink as her eyes bat around nervously in every direction.

“Uh… I… I don’t…” Brittany bites her bottom lip as a crease forms between her brows.

“You know…” Santana pops out from behind the curtain, holding the towel with one hand and grins. Brittany peeks at her again and her eyes immediately fall on her body causing Santana raise a brow mischievously. “Like you want to see what’s behind this towel?” Santana loosens her grip a little, letting the cloth slide slightly down her shoulders. “Do you want to see what’s behind this towel, Brittany?” She hisses now. She licks her lips and the towel glides down her arms now. Brittany breaks eyes contact again and turns to face her bedroom door away from Santana.

“I don’t want to see what is behind the towel.” Brittany strains. “I just wanted to listen to your voice. I think it’s beautiful and I wanted to sing along with you.” She doesn’t even attempt to turn back around to shut her window. Instead, she glides away into the darkness of her room.

Santana stands at her window and waits to see if she returns. She doesn’t.

“Well, fuck me.” She whispers to herself as she furrows her eyebrows. Santana Lopez had just been upstaged for the first time by a girl who had been treated as an inferior her entire life.



2 thoughts on “The Glee Girl Next Door

  1. Firstly, this post is compelling becuase even though the fans think they know what will happen it makes them still inclined to keep reading becuase of the almost seductive style of writing. The fact that there is little to no resolution at the end, also allows and invites readers to have their own provactive continuations or at least exaplanation. The writer gives the reader just enough insight into the characters’ machinations to get an accurate feel to each of them, but also leaves plenty of room for the reader to flesh each character out. I personally find this post interesting because of its counterintuitiveness. It is a fanfic that is about two characters that are already infatuated with eachother in the show, and instead of elaborating on their intimacy, it resists. This proves a valid point that isnt really adressed in either our readings this week or the screenings, which is that just because two characters might be mutally atracted to eachother, it does not mean that they will go for eachother without a second thought, not even in the fanfics, which the post alludes to. In addition, just as the Countertenor and the Crooner series point out how Blaine has cross-gender identifications associated to his character, there can be cross-gendered identifications for both Santana and Brittany in this particular fanfic.

  2. First meeting posts are very cool. Like Tabor said, the fact that audiences know what will eventually happen with Santana and Brittany, but we aren’t there yet. Initially I thought this could have gone into some sort of porn, but it didn’t. Our knowledge of the future gives us a clue however, Santana’s mother made Brittany out to be ugly and gross, which she definitely isn’t. This hints at a suspicion of her sexual orientation. In the series, Santana’s parents are very ok with her orientation when she comes out. The stage before the eventual coming out could have been the hardest, where parents suspect, but possibly wish it weren’t true. I think that in this fanfic, we are presented with an initial reading of the two’s sexuality, but it does have the sad undertone of Santana “corrupting” Brittany.

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