objectifying john’s body

If he could, Sherlock would climb inside John Watson, and wear him around London like his very own warm, woolly jumper. He does not vocalize this to his lover; he’s not quite sure why, but it has occured to him that the very concept might be disturbing to John. It didn’t change the fact, however, that Sherlock Holmes wanted to wrap himself bodily with a lovely, warm, incredibly sexy ex-army medic. He didn’t speak of such a thing, as he had enough experience with driving people off to guess what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Of course some days he got it wrong, and he drove away people he had no intention of alienating, but each time it happened, Sherlock locked away another thought, concept, or vocalization which could possibly damage the relationship he had with his lover. This did not bother him; every person in a couple had their secrets – Sherlock just had a larger number than most.

Some things which might disturb others, though, didn’t bother John, and for this Sherlock considered himself very, very lucky. When they had sex, Sherlock would bask in John’s presence and revel in his body, inhaling the man’s unique aroma, rubbing his face into every corner of his body, licking some appendages whilst sucking others. Like a dog rolling in a favorite scent he would attempt to wrap himself in every part of John, doing everything he could to immerse himself in his lover.

Each night Sherlock would focus inordinate amounts of time on a different part of John’s body. The time Sherlock could spend, for example, on the sexual aspects of John’s toenails was truly a testament to his creativity. And John, where other people would tire of such eccentricity and beg to get right to the ‘main show’ of sex, enjoyed every moment of this extended foreplay. In fact, the man felt more loved and cherished now than he had at any other time of his life, even earliest childhood – and he had had very loving, attentive parents.

Sherlock kept things fresh for John in keeping the occurance of each night’s focus in an undetectable order. For example, a week might go as follows: hair, backs of the knees, armpits, and teeth, or it might go hair, testicles, ears, fingernails. The key thing was that no two weeks were the same, and the amount of time Sherlock spent on each part of John’s body varied according to the time available, and the events in their daily lives.

And it wasn’t all just licking and kissing of the body part in question. The night could include anything from extended, detailed sniffing and nuzzling to spending hours drawing the body part with exquisite detail in charcoal and chalk. John simply never knew what Sherlock had in store for him.

John loved everything about intimacy with Sherlock, and their sex life was fresh, varied and extremely pleasurable. Today, though – today was one of John’s favorites. Sherlock didn’t usually tell him ahead of time what the day’s focus would be, but he knew how John had certain favorites, and would sometimes whisper in his ear some of the things he had planned for him. He loved to play with John, giving him details when they were in the worst places to get a spontaneous erection – at crime scenes, at Scotland Yard, in Tesco’s buying tea or even at his brother Mycroft’s office when they once had to pay a visit there. Today was one of those days, and John was almost too excited to think straight. Today, murmured Sherlock, would be dedicated to John Watson’s foreskin.


One thought on “objectifying john’s body

  1. This passage is extremely interesting to analyze because of the way gender presents itself in ambiguous ways. Sherlock is presented as the assertive sex partner, controlling the what and where of his relationship with John. Traditionally, dominance is a masculine characteristic. So in controlling the situation, Sherlock is presented as ‘manly’. However, Sherlock is also depicted as possessed by John. He simply can’t get enough: “Sherlock would bask in John’s presence and revel in his body, inhaling the man’s unique aroma . . .” Possessiveness is seen as a feminine characteristic. Gender norms are certainly blurred in this passage. John is characterized as masculine because he is an army veteran, yet he is submissive to Sherlock. The fact that John doesn’t mind Sherlock’s extensive foreplay suggests that this differentiates him from other men. Although the author is careful in say “people,” enjoying foreplay and cuddling is characterized as feminine is our culture. It is unclear to me whether Sherlock caters to John sexual pleasure or to his own but they are both apparently pleased with the relationship. While reading, I attributed more femininity to Sherlock. But reading back on the passage there is nothing to suggest any traditional gender norms. This passage is very progressive in its gender ambiguity.

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