Drunk On Love

Rachel Berry angrily wiped the ice off her face and glared at the backs of the boys who thought it was funny to do that to her. Of course they decide to do it on the day she wore her favorite white cardigan with pink piping. Oh if looks could kill. She ran to the ladies room, already feeling the stinging of tears in the corners of her eyes. She stared in the mirror, her mascara and eyeliner already running. She didn’t even try to stop the tears as they were already here. She wiped her face and tried to clean off what she could of the cardigan, but ended up throwing it in the trash regretably. She mustered up all the ounce of dignity she had left and pushed through the swinging door, head held high.

Finn Hudson was alone in the boy’s lockeroom after football practice when he heard the door open and close.
“Hello?” he called and his echo answered him with the same tone. “Is anyone here?”
“Right here sexy.” he spun around to come face to face with the blonde cheerleader he had the privelige to call his girlfriend. He kissed her and she trickled her fingers down his muscular stomach, biting her bottom lips as she did so. Finn raised his eyebrows and a sly grin spread across his face.
‘Right now?” he whisprered in a voice almost inaudible. Quinn Fabray nodded and pulled off her top, revealing her black, lacy bra. She took out her ponytail and flipped her her so it sent out a vibe tha only said, “fuck me.” Finn slipped his arm around her tiny waist and crashed his lips into hers. She groaned into his mouth and could feel the heat spreading through her lower abdomen and wetness pooling between her thighs. He laid her out on the floor and sucked her pulse point, nipping at it gently. Soon he was inside her. Her back was arched so she could feel every inch of him, she gasped and moaned with each prominent thrust which only made Finn want to go faster and harder. When they finished, they laid on the lockeroom floor, throbbing with pleasure and smiling like idiots.

Noah Puckerman slid on his pants as quietly as possible and tried to remember the name of the girl he just woke up next to and where in the hell he was. He finally figured it out and started to walk home.
“MILF!” He called out in his head and discretely checked out her ass in the reflection of a store window.
“Fucked her. Fucked her. Fucked her. Didn’t fuck her but I’d like to.” he winked at the passing by girl and kept on walking, naming off every girl he’d ever done it with in his head and smiling to himself as he did so.

Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Peirce laid in Santana’s bed, kissing eachother tenderly. Suddenly, Brittany stopped and stared at Santana. A puzzled expression on her face.
“Do you have a problem with me having sexy times with Sam?” Santana looked away and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. “Santy?”
‘NO!” She yelled a little too harshy. Brittany frowned, got up and started to leave.
“B, wait.” Santana started to say.
“call me when you know how you feel about me.” With that, Brittany left, leaving Santana to think about something she hated most in the world. Her feelings.




One thought on “Drunk On Love

  1. This is really interesting as it poses three different types of relationships between people. Finn and Quinn’s situation is purely sex, but it is obviously between two people who may or may not have feelings for each other, other than physical attraction. The essence of their experience together is one of physical pleasure. Puck’s relationships with his “beneficiaries” create an emotionless sort of sexual fantasy, in which one receives pride from the amount of people they have had sex with. His experience is one of personal accomplishment. The final relationship is Brittany and Santana, which is one of emotions. They are the only couple in this story not to actually have sex, and it isn’t even implied that Brittany and Sam have sex. They just have “sexy time”. The majority of their story is contained by notions of jealousy and self doubt within a relationship.
    The three relationships present an idea of not necessarily queering gender, but queering the idea of a relationship. There is not necessarily anything wrong with a physical relationship in comparison to an emotional relationship, but they are definitely not the same, especially in this situation. In addition, the fact that the most emotional of relationships is Brittany and Santana’s, it actually reinforces the fact that when girls are together, they are emotional. In Puck’s relationship, he is the only actual character mentioned, and his circumstance reinforces the stereotype of men being “emotionless”. Finally, the hetero-normative couple, Quinn and Finn, gets the best sex. Their sex scene is described far more than either of the other relationships, which reinforces the idea that sex should be between a man and a woman, or so maybe the writer of this fanfic thinks.

    I may be looking way too far into things, and it could be that I used to be obsessed with Glee, but Rachel’s scene with the slushee seems to mark on the idea that because she doesn’t have a partner, she is the one who gets “ice in her face”. Other than queering types of relationships, I don’t see this writer as someone who is bending gender and sexual binaries farther than the show actually does itself.

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