A review of “Where I Cannot Find You”

Instead of posting a full story, I posted this review, it gives us a good insight into how superfans think the characters should be represented in an ideal story.  

Sherlock, as a character, is everything he should be in a parentlock fic. Cold, detached, harsh. He loves Hamish so much but he can’t figure his emotions out, and runs away from them. There’s a great look into his character and always having to have the last word, gave me a lot of insight into his character. John, well I just don’t have a word for how perfect the characterization was. It was him, that is John. There’s no denying it. From the way he stood by his sons side and gave up his own needs, to supporting Sherlock’s case even though he wanted nothing more than to rip all electronics away from the detective it was entirely John.


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