Sexual Subjects

In her article, “‘Magic Mike,’ Junk in the Face and the Female Gaze,” Stewart discusses the lack of objectified men in main stream movies, asking, “Could it be that women are so used to seeing the female body sexualized on screen — from the point of view of the male gaze — that we don’t even know how to react to the sexualized male body?”

In main stream films today, there is also very little portrayal of female sexual pleasure. The characters in Magic Mike scarcely treat the female audience members as sexual subjects because they don’t “got the cock.” Because female pleasure is so rarely depicted in films, do we not know what to eroticize?


One thought on “Sexual Subjects

  1. I was thinking about this as well in reference to Stewart’s article. I for one, do not know how the male body can really be made sexualized other than showing an erect penis (if that even is considered erotic). In addition, I really tried to think of how in a larger sense, it is difficult to objectify men and their bodies in general because women are so used to looking and using a male gaze/lens to try and make sense of their own sexual desires. I do not have an answer for this but think it is a really important topic/point to bring up in our class discussion today!

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