Magic Mike: Member’s Only

“And while mainstream male nudity may not be as common as mainstream female nudity, it does seem like women gazing upon men purely as sexual objects — from the Old Spice man to the ripped vampires in True Blood and the asses of Magic Mike — is becoming more common, more accepted. Maybe if full-frontal wasn’t so rare, women wouldn’t need to get ridiculously giddy over a few peeks at buttcheeks”. With this in mind, do you think Magic Mike has/will start breaking down barriers (so to speak) and eventually lead to more frontal views of nude men and possibly even make the projection of full-frontal male views popular in mass media? 


2 thoughts on “Magic Mike: Member’s Only

  1. Your post reminded me of a quote from Mulvey that “Man is reluctant to look upon his exhibitionist like.”(838) Considering this to be true and that men are responsible for a majority of the creation and production of mass media it might take a while.

  2. “Gazes, Pleasure, and the Failure of Magic Mike” points out that, even though this film exposes a ton of male skin, it also reinforces the idea that “good” women, aka Brooke, should not celebrate or approve of exhibitionism in men. Mike also, by the end of the movie, leaves this lifestyle to be a respectable, “good” man. While our society seems to be getting a little more comfortable with sexualizing men, I don’t think “Magic Mike” will break down any barriers in a big way.

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