the male stripper

In Dodai Stewart’s article on the “Magic Mike”, she identifies the male stripper as a scene to be enjoyed in a group setting, where it is laughed at and scene as an absurdity. Conversely, she claims that the female stripper is often viewed for the “individual pursuit of carnal desires”. Can the woman’s reaction be attributed to her eyes being trained to see through the male’s perspective on such a thing? Why does the woman not enjoy the male stripper as a personal pleasure as the man does?


One thought on “the male stripper

  1. I never thought it out like that, but I agree with Stewart’s claim that the experience of the audience towards male strippers and female strippers seem quite different. Only going off media representations of these experiences, it does seem that whenever there are male strippers the intended female audience see the act more as fun, wild and ridiculous. I wonder if this different experiences comes from women experiencing the “male stripper” routine during bachelorette parties (with a close group of friends) and official male stripper clubs get established later. Yet men certainly have similar situations with bachelor parties of laughing and craziness.

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