The Impact of Male Nudity

In “Magic Mike, Junk in the Face and the Female Gaze,” there is discussion of male versus female nudity. Women have always been presented in the media as sexualized objects. However, as the article points out, the female gaze in terms of the sexualization of men is becoming increasingly present: “And while mainstream male nudity may not be as common as mainstream female nudity, it does seem like women gazing upon men purely as sexual objects — from the Old Spice man to the ripped vampires in True Blood and the asses of Magic Mike — is becoming more common.”

Does Magic Mike present the “ideal” male body for women in today’s society? How are women expected to react to male nudity? Overall, what has brought about such a large change in terms of nudity in the media and why has male nudity been so scarce in the past?


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