Morality and Magic Mike

 The marketing for Magic Mike drew an audience with the promise of a visually stimulating and sexual film about male strippers but ends with a moral message regarding the profession and those who enjoy the male strippers. Does including this moral message and plot line make it a more socially acceptable and palatable? How does the moral message effect the concept that the film theoretically is through the female gaze?

Consider the following quote from Jennifer Smith’s article Gazes, Pleasure, and the Failure of Magic Mike:

“The movie’s marketing had obviously hit its target. And yet, the films resolution turned out to be a bit of a bait-and-switch, promoting the idea that smart attractive morally sound women would never enjoy, or even sanction male stripping. In other words the film’s overarching message is to reprimand and a ridicule of the very women who’s money it desperately seeks.”


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