If that’s what you’re into

In Dodai Steven’s article entitled “(Un)feminist Guilty Pleasure: I Don’t Want to Critique Magic Mike”, she discusses the presence of “gay subtext” and “bromance”, stating that it is not “often [that] you see guys represented being this comfortable with their bodies and sexuality” on screen. The men in the movie are all heterosexual, and so comfortable with their sexuality that they could be seen doing things that society would consider “gay”. How do you think the presence of a homosexual male stripper would change the overall atmosphere of the movie, as well as the reactions of the audience? What effect does the fact that they are all seemingly heterosexual men have on the movie and on the female gaze that seems to be present?


One thought on “If that’s what you’re into

  1. This is a great question! These men “get away” with performing in ways that could be seen as homosexual, because they spend the other time getting girls. It is another assertion of their masculinity to say “I can be a male stripper, but still get girls”. Although it is hard to assume what the movie would be like if there was a homosexual stripper, the gaze would be different among the women watching the film. The fact that these men are heterosexual, makes the gaze of the heterosexual woman even stronger.

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