The objectification of men, (pecs are the new man-boob)

Is a pec different from a boob in magic mike? Both are obviously fetishisized, and heavily for that matter. In the “junk in the face and female gaze” article the author talks about the sheer number of women attending the movie in theaters, I would argue that the producers of the movie knew this would happen, and they billed it that way. So in this movie, the pecs, abs and biceps (which by the way, are significantly MORE ridiculous than most of the boobs in the average movie) have become the major draw. A ridiculous pec (though it is still fetishisized) is culturally OK, yet a boob is seen as an “over sexualization of the female body.” We see WAY more pumped man muscle in movies than we see boobs. So, is a pec any different from a boob (fetish and gaze wise that is)?


One thought on “The objectification of men, (pecs are the new man-boob)

  1. Fetish and gaze wise, a pec is very different from a breast. In our culture (and I agree that this is sexist and absurd) breasts are sexualized body parts and man boobs are not. So to fetishize women’s breasts (think especially of the scene in which the male strippers wife is reduced to a pair of breasts and passed around) in a film marketed to straight women and gay men seems extremely out of place.

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