Eqauality of Gaze or not really?

While I can understand the potential progress in having a film situated around the female gaze toward men (although earlier posts questioning the correctness in objectifying men is a major concern), I found Smith’s insight into the main flaw of the movie compelling. The movie “can’t help falling back into problematic mainstream patterns: the male gaze, virgin/whore dichotomies, and the vilification of female pleasure” (Smith). The two main characters of Brooke and Joanna are hardly role models, Joanna in her infidelity and Brooke although inspiring Mike to change his ways is still a sexual object or desire.

So is it better to focus purely on creating strong female character rather than inserting traditionally male characteristics (such as the gaze addressed in Mulvey) with women? Do we get anywhere by having examples of objectification by both sexes? Plus does Brooke represent a preferred female role model or not?


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