Meleeya S — Kansas City, MO

Most Masculine

A$AP Rocky


One Direction


Least Masculine


It was definitely easier for me to divide the four remaining videos into groups of two for the most and least masculine, the harder part was to decide the exact order they were to go into. A$AP Rocky and Macklemore show off their masculinity by always having women either by them or dancing around them. Their language also is laced with masculinity, A$AP Rocky uses derogatory language towards women calling them bitches in almost every line and even alluding to having the power to change a women’s sexual orientation. And Macklemore’s beginning line is “Walk into the club like, “What up? I got a big cock!” He literally lets everyone know that he is male and is proud of it. I, however, ranked him lower than A$AP Rocky because he shows more of a feminine side when singing/rapping about clothes, A$AP Rocky just talks about sex, bitches, and fucking problems. SHINee and One Direction’s videos were extremely less masculine than the other two. For one, these two videos do not have any women present. The video is just of a group of boys singing and messing around with each other. In One Direction’s “Kiss Me,” on at least two occasions the members had some sort of homosexual activity, whether it was a kiss on the cheek or a pretend nipple fondle. One Direction did not strike me to be as feminine as SHINee, while it might be the KPop style; their looks were more feminized. And although they danced in front of a car, that was the most “masculine” thing about the video, One Direction had at least some more masculine images with the Navy outfits and Jail time. With both of these videos, I really saw that their femininity outshined their masculinity. 


One thought on “Meleeya S — Kansas City, MO

  1. Something that I thought of both while I was writing my response and while reading Meleeya’s response is the fact that society generally conflates misogyny with masculinity. I think that this is really interesting for several reasons. First, it seems to suggest that men definitionally cannot have feminine qualities of value them in order to be properly masculine. Additionally, it seems to suggest almost a contagion effect – i.e. “if I appreciate femininity then I will start to adopt feminine characteristics that will stop me from being a man.” I find it very troubling that this is the dominant conception.

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