Brian Choe Portland, OR

A$AP – no one hardly smiles in this entire video, making it seem like no one is happy! A lot of the clips are shot with the guys rapping by themselves, but when the girls are dancing in the same scene as A$AP and Kendrick Lamar, they put on this “mean mugging” face – a common theme in rap videos to show their masculinity (shown above). 2 Chainz only role in this entire song is to explain over and over again that he loves bad bitches and loves to have sex with them. ASAP follows up his chorus by self proclaiming how great of a “motherfucker” he is and that he would “do” girls right. The other rappers in this song follow the same pattern as 2 Chainz and A$AP. They talk about how great they are in bed, while decked out in black leather, arms crossed, and mean mugging – very masculine.

Macklemore presents himself as masculine figure through his lyrics and his music video Thrift Shop. Instantly from the beginning  Macklemore lays down the line “Walk into the club like what up? I got a big cock”. Macklemore pokes fun of hip hop artists bravado when they enter a club in flashy attire, and then follows the first line by saying he’s just pumped from the stuff he got at a thrift shop. Although Macklemore might be using satire, the entire opening scene shows him decked out in elaborate outfits surrounded by women (escorted by two women on both sides of his scooter while he drinks a slurpee), portraying a very confident masculine person.

These next two videos can be summed up with: “Where the girls at?”

Shinee – The entire song talks about how much this girl is like the lucifer, she traps men into her fake love. But where is the girl? We talked in class that although their feminine style of clothing (leather pants, leather boots, metallic vests) and hair style (half shaved and mullets), the music video strategically features the fancy cars in the background to make it counter the idea that these guys might be homosexual. Throughout the video the guys are shown driving the car to enhance their masculinity.

One Direction – These boys just want to kiss a girl. But their childish natures from the gifs above and below make them seem more like a child than a man, causing them to have the least amount of masculinity out of all four of the videos.


One thought on “Brian Choe Portland, OR

  1. I also think that it is possible that the boys in One Direction are sort of justifying the fact that young boys might go through a “questioning” stage of their lives. They are obviously the youngest and most childish, and as boys get older, it become less socially acceptable to act this way around other guys. Perhaps they are using the fact that they are still young as an “excuse” to act homosexual around each other.

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