I really enjoyed how the women singers portrayed their femininity. In Girls Generation, the singers all had different hair styles and colors, which ranged from blue to red. None of the girls had their natural hair color, rather they went overboard with dying their hair colors and wearing elaborate wigs. The singers also had very intricate make-up with glued on diamonds around their eyes. In addition, their skin is absolutely flawless with no indication of blemishes or spot. The young girls that listen to Girls Generation look to these women for a definition of beauty.  But the elaborate hair colors and styles feature the unattainable beauty that only celebrities can attain through make up artists and hair stylists. Even though Taylor Swift is considered “relatable” because her music speaks to the troubles of heartbreak, her appearance emphasizes her beauty. Her porcelain skin starkly contrasts her very red lipstick. Taylor’s clothes appear relatively simple as she strolls through town. But she wears a purple, flowy, chiffon dress with her hair curled and makeup impeccably done. As she walks on top of a beautiful building, there is the same distance between the audience and the singer that was demonstrated in Girls Generation. While the female singers of Girls Generation and Taylor Swift sing about “relatable” topics such as boy problems, they also demonstrate an unattainable beauty of flawless skin, elaborate hair, and intricate clothing. Young listeners look to their favorite singers for the definition of beauty. 



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